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Tire Shop in Sanford, FL

Buy new tires and wheels for your car or truck from our tire shop in Sanford, FL. Big T Tire & Automotive is more than just an auto repair shop; we are also your go-to place for anything involving your vehicle's tires or wheels. From selling you those new tires that perfectly fit your vehicle to performing the wheel alignments you need to extend the life of your tires and wheels, our team does it all just for you.

Tires in Sanford, FL

Purchasing Tires & Wheels from Us

Are your tires or wheels starting to look a bit worn down? Then it is time to stop by our tire shop before you end up stuck on the side of the road. Our team offers some of the best prices imaginable on tire and wheel products. This allows you to make the smartest decision possible when upgrading your vehicle. Not only that, but if also drastically reduces the chances of you blowing a tire while driving around.

Selling tires and wheels from many of the best brands in the industry, our tire shop is staffed with trained and skilled mechanics that can not only tell you more about the options we have in stock, but can also install your tires for you. We even perform tire alignments so that you can drive off confidant that your tires are going to deliver you the performance you want.

The Importance of Wheel & Tire Alignments

Looking to prolong the life of your tires and wheels? Then you are going to want our alignment services. It doesn't take much for a vehicle to get knocked out of alignment. A curb, a pothole, or just simple wear and tear overtime can take its toll on the suspension system and steering components of your vehicle. Once this system has been compromised, you are going to begin to notice the change in your tires, your vehicle, and in your steering wheel.

A properly tire and wheel alignment, as performed by our professionals, helps you regain control of your vehicle. This service helps you decrease the chance of uneven tire wear, which could save you hundreds of dollars, while improving your safety and comfort. A properly aligned vehicle is less likely to veer left or right, undermining your control and handling, while also giving you a much smoother trip wherever you are going. Are you in need of an alignment? Come to our shop if you notice:

  • Your Vehicle Pulling to One Side
  • Your Front End Shimmying after Hitting a Bump
  • Your Steering Wheel No Longer Lining up Straight
  • Your Front Tires Showing Signs of Uneven Wear

Contact us when you are looking for brand-new tires for your vehicle or are in need of a wheel alignment. Our tire shop provides wonderful sales and services to customers located throughout the communities of Sanford, Lake Mary, Altamonte Springs, Maitland, and Heathrow, Florida, as well as the surrounding areas.